Best Bar Restaurants in Panglao, Philippines

One thing you are sure of getting when you visit Panglao is great food and drinks. The good thing is that you can get these in bar and restaurants while also relaxing with friends and loved ones.
If you are new to Panglao and you need to visit a great bar and restaurant in Panglao Philippines, take this article as your virtual tour guide to direct you to the right place to have fun.

Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar Lounge

If you ever visit Tawala in Panglao, Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar Lounge is a place you do not want to miss. It’s a place where you get the best expertly curated cigars and finely served drinks.

If you are hungry after a stressful day, you can get the most delicious Pica Picas plates. And what’s more interesting is that you get to unwind and relax while socializing and networking.

This is a restaurant, pub, and bar Panglao is proud of. This place is a total package you need to treat yourself to. It features an aesthetically appealing 6-foot long humidor you will love.

Rizal Estates is designed with customers’ comfort in mind. The seats are comfortable and the service is unique. Here you can relax in a classy and sophisticated lounge without compromising on comfort.

Rizal Estates is second to none when it comes to the quality of service and comfort you get. Are you visiting alone? Or are you in the company of friends? Go to Rizal Estates and you will get the best treat you can ever imagine.

Why wine and dine at Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar Lounge

1. Classic spot

Like Rizal Estates, there are other bars and restaurants in Panglao but this is one of the most classic spots to chill and enjoy. From comfortable seats to the sophisticated lighting, this place checks all the boxes.

2. Quality drinks and food

At Rizal Estates, we serve only the best food & drinks. You can try our Single Malt Islay Whiskey which pairs well with a good Cigar. We also have the best aged Rums which you may try along with delicious options for food.

3. Socializing and networking

There are many places where you can get rum and cigar but at Rizal Estates, you get more than that. You get the best collection and a place to relax, interact, and have a great time. It’s a an amazing place for socializing and networking.

4. Good music

Here you can also enjoy good music while relaxing with your choice of meal and drink. Enjoy the vibe with real Jazz and Blues music played everyday, we may also play Spa music to help you relax before leaving. During the weekends we also feature live music.


Relaxing after a hard day’s work or just hanging out with friends requires the most comfortable setting. Panglao has great spots to chill out.
Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar Lounge is one of the best bar and restaurants that you must try.


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