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A premier Rum, cocktail lounge and cigar bar with restaurant will soon be coming to Tawala, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.

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Best Restaurant Bar Lounge in Tawala, Panglao, Philippines

At Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar bar, we offer a rum and cigar lounge with a great setting for like-minded people to unwind, network, and socialize. We serve Pica Picas, which are little plates if you're hungry. For those who do show up, many take advantage of the chance to discover more about Premium rums, cocktails, and cigars, different sample cigars, and buy cigars as well.

Our cigar bar is a chic, upscale bar and the best Restaurant bar lounge in Tawala, Philippines, where you may spend time with old friends and meet new ones. We have the ideal location to host a client or clinch a significant business deal throughout the day.

Our Rum and Cocktail drinks at a Glance

We have a wide selection of drinks in Panglao and Tawala from the Philippines and abroad, including unusual kinds. We have both regular rum manufactured from molasses and Agricole rum derived from juice from sugar cane. We also include fresh fruit juices and fruity liqueurs, which are used by our mixologist to create amazing rum cocktails. El Floridita, created by author Ernest Hemingway while in Cuba, is one of our specialty rum beverages.

We also provide a homemade mix-made Margarita. The base of the mixture is Persian lime juice with a touch of lemon. Our calamansi lime juice from the Philippines with a mixture of possibly sour orange juice is ideal for warm days.

In addition, we offer a gin martini, ales, lager, porter, and stout are among the international and local beers available.

Why Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar Bar?

At Rizal Estates Rum and Cigar Bar, you are guaranteed premium relaxation and enjoyment. As the best restaurant bar lounge in Panglao, Philippines, we offer a wide selection of exotic rums, single malts, and bourbons while exploring the flavors of cigars and whiskies. As a result of our extensive travels and enduring passions for rum and smoky beverages, we are firm believers that mixology has a place in many facets of life.

We are delighted in providing you with a comfortable sitting environment where you can enjoy all that we have to offer.

Why go elsewhere when we are at your service?

Life can be very demanding and stressful, which is why you should put more effort into finding time to relax like at a bar on Alona beach. When it comes to having a good time either alone or with friends, enjoying premium drinks, and having a cigar to cool off for a while, leave it to us to ensure you have a good time. You can count on us for providing the best food and bar restaurant here at Tavern in Panglao.We are well-known for our exquisite drinks and serene environment. Simply come visit us at Saloon in Panglao, and we can assure you one of the best times of your life.